LE Lookalike!

Today i found a great LE clothing lookalike! In the new LE range you can find a purple skirt. It is 55sd! But i found a skirt lookalike for only 4sd! Enjoy!

New competicion:The furniture dressup!

I have decided to make a new competicion!
It's called:The furniture dress-up!
U need to make a creative dressup insipres bu furniture and use only furniture ok?Otherwise,u will not be able to enter the competicion.U can u use clothes for shoes and bags.The ss(I think) have more advantage because they have more money and they can buy more furniture.

Good luck everyone!


New Writer Alert!

Im Gabby Also Known As VBsuperfan On Stardoll.com.
I Live In The UK And Love SD And My Friends From The Website!
Im Always Looking For New Friends So Add Me And Be Sure To Write A Comment Other Wise I Won't Except! ;]
So Yesterday It Was April Fools! I Didnt Really Get Pranked On Except I Got A Dog Toy Thrown At My Head :S. I Didnt Fool Anyone. Did You? And If So What Did You Do? The Best Prank Posted In The Comment Box Will Get A Gift On Stardoll!

Anyway, I Will Be Updatinq You With New Freebies And Gossip From Stardoll! If You Have Any Questions Please Comment!

Gabby ;]

Gaga for Lady Gaga??


Many peorple are going crazy over the pop sensation lady gaga! we might not be able to help you with her clothes since she's so unique but here's a push in the right direction to get your medoll looking GAGATASTIC!!

apply the skintone colour lipstick all around your lips and lightly apply the peach blusher around your eyes and remember to only apply one coat.

for the lady gaga glasses, buy the black gaga glasses and apply snowflakes around one side of the glasses(preferably the left side) and in the middle too.

for the hair the best one is the short and curly on for superstars which does look a bit like her hair when curled, but for all you non-superstars y the same colour,you can use the short fringed hair. finish off the look with the bow exactly the same colour, or nearly the same colour as your hair.

How old is Lady Gaga?

if you know the answer then please go to the contest page to see ways of getting in touch with us or just contact me(floppy786) in my guestbook for a chance to win a celebrity make-over!

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people are willing to pay graphic designers like Dodence_bt and Manolo.DiCicco ridicoulous prices like a superstar code, or something really rare just for 1 graphic!! I do agree they are amazing graphic designers but is it really worth it? Who knows maybe one day i may be charging this much for a graphic?? But for now all our graphics are free of charge or for a really small price depending on the graphic. if you would like then please contact me(floppy786)

Tell us what has to be the biggest mistake you ever made on stardoll and who knows you could get your hands on a signed graphic made by....
we'll just leave that there for now, if you would like to enter this contest then please put your mistake in the guestbook of floppy786

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Why not me??

The question which is on many of our lips everyday when we find out that we're not covergirl(again!). But some of the elites have decided the best way to win is by making 400-500 accounts just so they can vote themselves covergirl or boy. But that not only is a waste of time but also usernames!! Although now there are clubs in which you can participate in a contest and the majority of the club will vote you covergirl if you win! Doesn't sound hard does it?? Unfortunately though these clubs have loads of members entering the contest who want to win just as bad as you, so you'll have some competition!

But if you want to taste the goodness of being covergirl, not for a day but a MONTH all you have to do is write in my guestbook(floppy786) i want to enter the covergirl contest, and who knows you could win and be featured on this blog for ONE MONTH!! But even if you don't win you might be lucky enough to model in one of our graphics!

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